The Tide Turns in 2024 House Speaker Race

Jordan Kirkland                   June 10th, 2019

With the 2019 legislative cycle in the rear-view, many legislators are finally getting a much deserved break from the taxing day-to-day operations of the 60-day session. Lawmakers mentally and physically exhausted from the legislative gathering now get a chance to establish a little order to their daily routine, and most importantly, they get the be with their families and loved ones for more than just a weekend.

And while this time away from the committees, conferences and debates is needed, in reality, it's only for a fleeting moment. Ask anyone involved in Florida's political scene, and they'll tell you that the political process is year-round.

This is especially true for young legislators trying to increase their political stock, and move through the ranks on a quest to hold a coveted leadership position before their term limit expires.

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