Tallahassee Commissioner Plays Identity Politics, Targets Black Trump Supporters

Jordan Kirkland - May 10th, 2019

If you thought the political left's overindulgence in playing identity politics was only at a national level, you'd be sadly mistaken. On Friday, one Tallahassee Commissioner made it clear: you can't be black and support President Donald Trump.

Diane Williams-Cox, a city commissioner representing Seat 5, posted a black and white photo -- literally -- on her Facebook page, showing two black Trump supporters photographed with two white Trump supporters.

The picture, taken at Wednesday right's presidential rally in Panama City, Florida, is accompanied with a politically motivated caption that has become far too common from liberals seeking to combat the political right with a moblike mentality.

"Pictures from President Trump's visit to Panama City, Florida... No words...!" she wrote in her Facebook post.

"Well maybe two...#StayWoke," she continued.


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