Rep. Bob Rommel Named to Global Leadership Panel

Jordan Kirkland  
June 6th, 2019

Fresh off his assignment of benefits victory this legislative session, Rep Bob Rommel announced today that he has been named to the Florida Advisory Committee of the United States Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC).

The coalition, which includes a diverse group of business, military, faith, and humanitarian leaders from across the state, is a nonprofit organization made up of community leaders who promote increased support for the United States’ diplomatic and development efforts among both politicians and the public.

Since his election to the Florida House in 2016, Rommel has been regularly recognized as a strong leader on a variety of issues at both the state and national levels.

Known as a firebrand conservative among his colleagues, Rommel has been outspoken when it comes to supporting President Donald Trump's foreign policy initiative. His leadership in the Sunshine State, coupled with his understanding of international relations, has put him in a unique position to promote American interests abroad.

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