Panama City is Ready to Hear from President Trump

Jordan Kirkland - May 8th, 2019

At 7 p.m. at the Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater in Panama City Beach, President Donald Trump will hold a presidential campaign rally ahead of the 2020 elections.

The Panhandle is the heart of Trump's conservative base in the Sunshine State, and was an instrumental voting bloc that got him elected in 2016. According to those close the event, conservative supporters are expected to show up in droves to hear the 45th President discuss a number of important issues.

A lot of topics are on the table for tonight's rally, but residents in the Panhandle are hoping that President Trump is visiting the war-torn area to provide good news about hurricane relief efforts.

President Trump's visit to the area comes at a critical juncture -- with Florida lawmakers requesting additional aid for their constituents. While the president is expected to appeal to his firebrand base on Wednesday, insiders believe that an announcement regarding relief efforts could accompany President Trump to the event.

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