IN-FL DRAFT (2019)

Jordan Kirkland - April 25th, 2019

NFL DRAFT DAY 2019 is officially here!

Later today, NFL teams will make their most important decision of the year when they select their first round draft choice in the 2019 NFL Draft. Scouts and coaches have been analyzing talent for over a year, hoping that the player they pick will be a future Hall of Famer for their franchise.

Whether or not these athletes will pan out is anyone's guess. These potential playmakers could be boom or bust, and only time will tell.

So in honor of the big day, we thought we'd have a little fun on draft day and conduct a list of our on "IN-FL Draft prospects."

These lawmakers are some of the best in Florida politics. Their potential is endless, and many could be the next great political star in the Sunshine State.

Below are some of the top draft prospects in the 2019 legislative session.








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