Introducing: The Florida Report

Jordan Kirkland                      July 15th, 2019

It's official: is live!

Over the weekend, we made a few adjustments to the website to better represent Floridians and the way they go about consuming their daily dose of political news.

With a new identity, logo, and podcast, The Florida Report will offer the latest insider news for Floridians who seek the truth. This isn't pay-for-play, it's real, political news that isn't purchased by a third party.

In less than a year, we've made headlines in the state, covering everything from the 2018 elections, this year's legislative session, and even moderating a debate for Republicans running for House District 7. With that said, our readership has grown to a level that has enabled us to continue to grow, and because of YOUR support, the changes to the website will better reflect Florida politics.

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