Florida House of Representatives Directory

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House of Representatives

NameDistrictPartyMore Info
Joseph Abruzzo 81DemocratMore Info
Larry Ahern 66RepublicanMore Info
Ben Albritton56RepublicanMore Info
Ramon Alexander 8DemocratMore Info
Thad Altman 52RepublicanMore Info
Bruce Antone 46DemocratMore Info
 Robert Asencio118DemocratMore Info
Loranne Ausley 09DemocratMore Info
Bryan Avila111RepublicanMore Info
Halsey Beshears 7RepublicanMore Info
Michael Bileca115RepublicanMore Info
Jim Boyd 71RepublicanMore Info
Jason T. Brodeur 28RepublicanMore Info
Kamia L. Brown 45DemocratMore Info
Daniel Wright "Danny" Burgess, Jr. 38RepublicanMore Info
 Colleen Burton 40RepublicanMore Info
Cord Byrd 11RepublicanMore Info
Matt Caldwell 79RepublicanMore Info
 Charles Wesley "Chuck" Clemons, Sr. 21RepublicanMore Info
Richard Corcoran37RepublicanMore Info
John Cortes43DemocratMore Info
Robert "Bob" Cortes 30RepublicanMore Info
Janet Cruz62DemocratMore Info
W. Travis Cummings 18RepublicanMore Info
Kimberly Daniels 14DemocratMore Info
Tracie Davis13DemocratMore Info
Ben Diamond 68DemocratMore Info
Manny Diaz, Jr. 103RepublicanMore Info
Byron Donalds80RepublicanMore Info
Brad Drake5RepublicanMore Info
Bobby B. DuBose 94DemocratMore Info
Nicholas X. Duran 112DemocratMore Info
Dane Eagle 77RepublicanMore Info
Katie Edwards-Walpole 98DemocratMore Info
Jay Fant15RepublicanMore Info
Javier E. Fernández 114DemocratMore Info
Randy Fine53RepublicanMore Info
Jason Fischer 16RepublicanMore Info
Heather Fitzenhagen78RepublicanMore Info
Joseph Geller
100DemocratMore Info
Julio Gonzalez 74RepublicanMore Info
Margaret Good 72DemocratMore Info
Tom Goodson51RepublicanMore Info
Erin Grall 54RepublicanMore Info
 James "J.W." Grant64RepublicanMore Info
Michael Grant 75RepublicanMore Info
Joe Gruters 73RepublicanMore Info
Bill Hager89RepublicanMore Info
Roy Hardemon 108DemocratMore Info
Gayle B. Harrell 83RepublicanMore Info
Shawn Harrison 63RepublicanMore Info
Patrick Henry26DemocratMore Info
Blaise Ingoglia 35RepublicanMore Info
Clay Ingram 01RepublicanMore Info
Kristin Diane Jacobs 96DemocratMore Info
Al Jacquet 88DemocratMore Info
Evan Jenne 99DemocratMore Info
Shevrin D. "Shev" Jones101DemocratMore Info
Sam H. Killebrew 41RepublicanMore Info
 Mike La Rosa 42RepublicanMore Info
Chris Latvala67RepublicanMore Info
Larry Lee, Jr.84DemocratMore Info
Thomas J. "Tom" Leek 25RepublicanMore Info
MaryLynn "ML" Magar 82RepublicanMore Info
Amber Mariano36RepublicanMore Info
Ralph E. Massullo, MD34RepublicanMore Info
 Stan McClain23RepublicanMore Info
Lawrence McClure58RepublicanMore Info
Kionne L. McGhee117DemocratMore Info
Amy Mercado 48DemocratMore Info
Mike Miller 47RepublicanMore Info
George R. Moraitis, Jr. 93RepublicanMore Info
Jared Evan Moskowitz 97DemocratMore Info
Wengay "Newt" Newton 70DemocratMore Info
Jeanette M. Nuñez 119RepublicanMore Info
Jose R. Oliva 110RepublicanMore Info
Robert "Bobby O" Olszewski 44RepublicanMore Info
Bobby Payne 19RepublicanMore Info
Daniel Perez 116RepublicanMore Info
Kathleen M. Peters69RepublicanMore Info
Cary Pigman55RepublicanMore Info
Scott Plakon29RepublicanMore Info
Rene "Coach P" Plasencia50RepublicanMore Info
Mel Ponder 4RepublicanMore Info
Elizabeth W. Porter10RepublicanMore Info
Sharon Pritchett 102DemocratMore Info
Jake Raburn57RepublicanMore Info
Holly Raschein120RepublicanMore Info
Paul Renner24RepublicanMore Info
David Richardson113DemocratMore Info
Ray Wesley Rodrigues76RepublicanMore Info
Bob Rommel106RepublicanMore Info
Rick Roth85RepublicanMore Info
Barrington A. "Barry" Russell95DemocratMore Info
 David Santiago27RepublicanMore Info
Sean Shaw61DemocratMore Info
David Silvers87DemocratMore Info
Emily Slosberg91DemocratMore Info
Carlos Guillermo Smith49DemocratMore Info
Ross Spano 59RepublicanMore Info

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