Charlie Kirk Makes Move to Florida Official, Signaling a Boost for Trump's Re-election Campaign.

Jordan Kirkland                      July 16th, 2019

Conservative advocate and Founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, is making a major move that will include a lot more sunshine in his life.

Kirk, who has lived in Illinois since starting TPUSA, has announced that he will be calling Florida his new home. The news in Chicago's Daily Herald in which the political activist penned an opinion piece to detail his upcoming transition.

"When I started Turning Point USA right here in this state nearly seven years ago, there were many Illinois citizens who provided critical donations.," Kirk said in the article by the Daily Herald. "This is the state in which TPUSA was born, but it is now the state from which those early donors have fled. TPUSA has also fled, taking its 150 employees and $15 million budget along with it."

In the piece, Kirk details why he is leaving the state that he is lived in for so many years, citing "high taxes, excessive regulation and the corruption of Illinois politicians and government" as the primary culprit for his exodus.

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