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The Legislature Needs to Look at Premises and COVID-19 Lawsuit Reform

Lawsuits put a well-documented strain on employers and job creators across our great state.  Many are related to premises liability: the idea that visitors and customers can sue a property owner for accidents that occur on their premises, regardless of whether the small business owner is even at fault. If the small business owner is […]

Spencer Roach, Anthony Sabatini pledge to not file appropriation bills in 2021

With much of the state still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, two Republican legislators are making a promise to Floridians still struggling to get back on their feet. As Florida lawmakers gather this week in Tallahassee to welcome incoming freshman officials, recently re-elected State Representatives Spencer Roach and Anthony Sabatini are getting a head start […]

Elections Usually Have Consequences But Shouldn’t For National Security Assets Like The F-35

Florida has long had a history as a swing state in Presidential and Senatorial political contests, but for a much longer period of time, Florida has had a history as a military defense state. Home to three or four different strategic commands, depending on who is counting, Florida’s unique geography has made it the ideal […]

Why Trump Wins Florida

It should come as no surprise that Florida’s election tomorrow will be a nail-biter. Since 2010, every Florida executive election for either governor or President has been won by 1.2% or less with an average margin of 69,000 votes. However, President Trump will win Florida because of the following factors: the energy, the turnout, and […]

Bobby Bowden fights for Trump after defeating COVID-19

After defeating COVID-19 at the age of 90, Florida State’s legendary football coach Bobby Bowden is setting his sights on defeating Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. In a press release on Tuesday, Bowden, who was released from Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare last Thursday after contracting the coronavirus earlier this month, discussed overcoming the virus and urged […]

Senate Democrats Should Stop Embarrassing Themselves and Confirm Judge Barrett

The effort to fill the vacancy caused by Justice Ginsburg’s recent passing is not about former President Barack Obama’s unsuccessful nomination of Judge Garland in 2016. It is surprising, then, that Judge Barrett’s detractors seem to oppose her chiefly because they claim that another jurist who had good qualifications was not confirmed by the United […]

Cindy Polo: Will Partisan Politics Be Her Undoing?

This week, we begin looking at some of the state’s most interesting swing seats that could affect the balance of power in the Florida Legislature.  One of the most interesting contests is in House District 103.  Held for years by now State Senator Manny Diaz Jr., last cycle the seat moved left as Cindy Polo […]