Lawsuits put a well-documented strain on employers and job creators across our great state.  Many are related to premises liability: the idea that visitors and customers can sue a property owner for accidents that occur on their premises, regardless of whether the small business owner is even at fault.

If the small business owner is not at fault, they should not be viewed as an opportunity for a windfall.  That kind of predatory action hurts the entire economy by driving up prices for consumers across the board.

We are now even seeing certain firms begin to advertise for potential COVID-19 lawsuits.  That’s the last thing we need during this economic recovery, and it is gratifying to see that certain elected leaders are calling for common-sense protections.

Sometimes lawsuits are unavoidable, but when bad actors use them as an ATM, everyone pays.

Sherrie McKnight is the co-founder of Big Daddy Guns in Gainesville, Florida.


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