America’s Fork in the Road

Opinion | To the Editor:

The late great New York Yankee Yogi Berra had a saying “When you get to the Fork in the road, take it.” We are at that point as we make strides to reopen this economy.

There are some that think we should keep everything closed until there is a vaccine, and everyone can be tested. For those in that camp, a vaccine could be a year or two away. As for testing, does everyone in the US have to get a test? When do we test them? What happens if they come in contact with someone who has not been tested? Do we test them again? Do we require those that are tested to carry some type of identification with their test results? Do we tear up healthcare privacy laws? What about contact tracking? Do we require citizens to be tracked?

These are just a few of the head-scratching questions for those of us charged with protecting our constitutional rights and also our public safety.